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Are you ticklish? How long can you last?

I tickle really intensely…

Who I am?

I am a professional masseuse who also offers non-traditional relaxation services . Tickling therapy aka TICKLING is one of them. And there is a lot of interest in her.

Be sure to be TRULY in the PRESENT moment all the time 🙂

Profesionální masérka Lechtání | Lechtací terapie
Professional masseuse - Tickling

How is tickling beneficial?

It triggers the HAPPINESS hormone

Laughter is a wonderful tool for positivity in the mind. Hormones of happiness fill your life, its pleasures, coping with responsibilities and the pleasures of fulfilling them.

Unblocks and connects the body

Thanks to the long-term stress of today, you have disconnected the "upper" and "lower" parts of your body. One of the reasons for not reaching orgasm in many women.

Toxins out...

Sweating is HEALTHY. When you sweat, you flush toxins from your body. Big bonus of tickle therapy. Don't be ashamed of your sweat!

Are you ready for a unique experience?

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