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Tickling is an unconventional but increasingly popular form of relaxation leading to pleasant feelings and relaxation. 🙂

An unconventional but increasingly popular form of relaxation leading to pleasant feelings and relaxation.

Human feet, like the armpits, contain
millions of sensitive nerve endings, making the feet particularly
sensitive to touch, which elicits a variety of responses in different

What do you expect? What is your reaction?

some individuals, tingling on the soles of the feet causes tickling,
for other individuals, the feet are an erogenous zone for the same
reason. Just as each person is an original, the tickling zones are
different and active differently for each person. In this way, you can
get to know your body better and discover things hidden until now.. I
tickle with my hands, the tops of my fingers and my nails.

Whether gentle shimmering touches
on the feet, hips, armpits or other sensitive parts of the body induce
relaxation, well-being, relaxation or what in most cases are long bursts
of laughter and giggles… dare you push your boundaries of the
seemingly insurmountable? This unusual, but very intense, experience
lasting half an hour or an hour is prepared just for you.

the beginning of the therapy, you are strapped to the massage table.
This is a necessary measure to avoid the risk of injury, which,
especially in the case of very ticklish individuals, protects me from
their punches and kicks.

May Tickling therapy

can be purchased as a gift voucher. Do not hesitate! Is in vogue, it’s popular, and you’ll completely relax .

“This is not an erotic service, but a touch therapy.”

MarieKarolina – your tickle therapist, Massage Prague

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May Tickling
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May Tickling therapy

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