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I present the most frequent questions and answers for tickling or tickling therapy on this page. I hope that answers everything you would like to know.

From August 22, 2023, bookings for tickling in Prague can only be made through the online reservation system. I will no longer accept orders through any other channel.

All my services, i.e. my Health massages, Relaxation massages, Tantra massages, Rituals and Relaxation, Touch theraphy, Energy therapy and therefore Tickling can be completed ONLY in my massage studio in Prague 2. In the point above “How to order for tickle” and likewise even in Contacts, only one address is listed, namely the address of my massage studio in Prague 2.

By studying this website of mine. Thoroughly :-). After successful ordering on day D and hour H-5 minutes we will look into each other’s eyes. Upon arrival, it is possible to take a shower (it is not a requirement at all). If so, please thoroughly wipe your skin completely dry. You lie on my massage table (only tickling is done on my table). I fix your limbs with “handcuffs”, yet they are still free to move (pictures on the website). So that I don’t get injured by a sudden and unexpected movement of a limb. I tickle mainly with my fingers. Feathers are also possible if you show interest. In the first few minutes I go through all the ticklish places I know. After this survey and according to your reaction, I am already tickled further. I tickle intensely, yet I empathically perceive how you react. If you can’t anymore, I’ll let you breathe. And we continue as soon as you catch your breath. Of course, tell me verbally how you feel and we will adjust the intensity of the tickling.

Read the F&Q here. Again and carefully :-).

Comfortably. In training clothes or just in underwear. How do you feel? According to his “timidity”… for some.

Therefore, at Lechtání only the daily hours/dates mentioned above. You can hear everything in the house. You must correct the intensity of your voice if I ask you to. Can’t you? You have to. Those who are unruly otherwise risk being gagged. :-).

That can happen too. I will fill the rest of the time with a classic relaxation massage.

Tickling outfit. Good mood. You don’t need anything else.

Long. Since June 2013. I managed this separate website for tickling only now (6/2023), when, in addition to tickling, I also separated Tantra massages and health prostate massage from my services. Oh, and Energy Therapy (coming soon). Everything else is still on my main website MassagePrague.info.

Tickling is physically demanding. It’s one thing to be tickled for 5 minutes and quite another to be tickled for an hour. Don’t you believe? It’s very demanding. CAN be arranged individually. But you assume a higher individual price than you would get by averaging the price per minute. And a maximum of 90 minutes in one session. Yes… and I have to carefully plan the time of tickling over 60 minutes in my “diary”. Ideal in the morning, forenoon and perhaps even for lunch. Because of the abundance of its energy on you.

I provide a tickling service. Only I tickle. So you can’t tickle me 🙂

I look forward to you,
MarieKarolína – your tickling therapist, Massage Prague 2 Vinohrady

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