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A specialized website about Tickling

Tickling therapy or simply tickling is my favorite and sought-after relaxation. In May and June 2023, there was a crisis situation with my main website MassagePrague.info, where I described tickling therapy. What happened? Interested parties can find out here or here. Due to the interest in this service of mine, information about tickling has been allocated to this already separate specialized website about tickling.

In the first phase, I offer to interested parties with experience in tickling, who would like to share their experiences with all of us so far in the Comments, preferably directly on the Tickling page (in the menu item/page Tickling). If the interest is sufficient, then we would already solve a discussion forum. I believe that there will be a large number of people interested in sharing their “tickles” in the final.

Each of us is ticklish somewhere 🙂

I look forward to your tickling. I’m glad that many come back to tickle me repeatedly.

MarieKarolína – personal masseuse & therapist

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