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My time commitment to deal with your orders has increased considerably after the new websites. By streamlining the offer into several websites according to the issue, i.e. apart from this website for Prostate massage in Prague, into separate websites about Tantra massages and about Tickling experiential therapy and, of course, my main website about Massages in Prague and their separate SEO lead to increased interest from new clients. I am of course very happy.

The situation is becoming critical and I had to consider other communication options. Consolidate and streamline communication: online booking as a single entry point for your orders. On the advice of the web developer, she was convinced of the online reservation system.

From August 25, 2023, orders for tickling therapy in Prague can only be made through the  online reservation system. I will no longer accept orders through any other channel.

I am also expanding the Questions and Answers menu here to include your expected questions, which relate to the issue of “How to order correctly?”.

I look forward to your tickling. I’m glad that many come back to tickle me repeatedly.

MarieKarolína – your tickling therapist
Massage Prague 2 Vinohrady


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