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Tickling for Endurance

Recently, I’ve been getting a lot of questions about tickling for endurance. That’s what I called your demands for the extra time of my tickle therapy. Yes, those of you who want to tickle for up to TWO hours contact me. I honestly hesitated whether he should go to such an extreme.

It doesn’t seem like it… dear endurance ticklers. Such a tickling marathon is the most demanding for ME. Whether you like it or not, tickling, and especially intense tickling associated with an intense reaction, gradually causes the skin to become moist, i.e. even a little sweating. At the beginning of the tickling, your skin is dry, but gradually it starts to become moist.

So many people already have their skin so moist after 45 minutes or an hour that I like the end. It just gets more and more challenging for me as the tickling time increases.

So I will try a Tickling marathon for 120 minutes in February with the two most persistent applicants. If it will be physically demanding that I would take it for the rest of the day, then I will remove Tickling for 120 minutes from the menu again. Understandably, this is challenging even for tickle marathoners. Even they may be losing strength to cheer me up with their laughter. But beware… I have to regulate the noise intensity. See my next post next time.

Order tickling for endurance people for 120 minutes in my booking system.

I look forward to your tickling. I hope that the Tickling Marathon will remain permanently in my menu. Perhaps.


MarieKarolína – personal masseuse & therapist

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  • Aleksander

    Hello, I have a question about tickling.
    I would like to order 60min tickle session but.. could you tell me how it look? What if I need some break after few minutes? 🙂 Can I select where I dont want to be tickled because for example I am too ticklish feet? 🙂


    • editace

      Hello, Mr. Aleksandr,
      Thank you for your interest. I have no intention of tickling you to death. You definitely have to survive. I am very perceptive and sensitive. If you support my receptivity even with your verbal word that you want a “timeout”, I will certainly fully respect that. So far, everyone has seen the end of their tickling alive and unharmed. And they all come back for more tickling. And not only tickling therapy, but also massages and therapy.
      However, if the intensity of your laughter is excessive, you will also get a gag (that is, if you don’t bring your own). As I stated in F&Q, the house is historically very old and it is not possible to implement construction modifications in my studio here, e.g. acoustic partitions and suspended ceilings. Of course, it also depends on the specific time of tickling. It is ideal between 9:00 and 15:00. And it is necessary to order at least 3-5 working days in advance. I am very busy.


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